Consider This Diem Carped

I just love those days when I come home, kick off my shoes, collapse on my bed, and think, “Man, I got a lot done today, I’m so proud of myself! Good job, me.” Those days when I  know I worked my butt off and rightly deserve a high five, a pat on the back, a million people cheering my name (okay, maybe that last one was a bit much). Those days when I feel like I’ve used my time wisely and wish I could do it all again the next day. I wonder, why can’t all days feel like this? I-totally-seized-the-day-today kind of days.

Sadly, I only see those days once every few months or so, and even then, I still have this very faint whisper in the back of my mind telling me I forgot something. Why is it I can’t stay motivated for more than a day at a time? And why is it that all the other times I’m telling myself, “Stop freaking out; it’s almost Friday. It’s almost Friday.”

What is it that sparks my one day of genius? Maybe it’s the kind of coffee I had that morning? Or which shoe I put on first? Or the way I fixed my hair? What I wore? There has to be something that set off my day of super-get-stuff-done abilities?

I tried to pin point it when I realized, it’s all about choice.

It’s up to me how I am going to react to what happens around me. Sure, I can get frustrated that I’m running a little late to school, didn’t have time for coffee, and put my shirt on inside out…again (seriously, I don’t know how many times I’ve showed up to school and had someone point out that my shirt was on inside out or even on backward). But if I let the little things harden me, my whole day will only get worse until I want to give up. So, I have to make the choice to overcome these little obstacles, and others like them. It doesn’t make much sense to cry over spilled milk; just clean it up and pour another glass.

God gives us every reason to wake up with gusto and excitement. He lays out the day for us, exuding endless possibilities. Infinite reasons to smile and laugh and be inspired. He rises the sun for us to get out of bed, get stuff done, and have fun while doing it. He wants us to enjoy what we do and to do everything for Him.

We just have to take that first step. To say, “God, no matter what happens today, this is the day that You have made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

God knows we aren’t perfect and some days just aren’t going to be lollipops and rainbows, but when we purpose ourselves to walk with Him, every day can be a I-totally-seized-the-day-today kind of day.

So put a smile on, ask for patience (I usually have to ask for hourly doses), and consider this diem carped because God made it for you and He wants you to be glad in it.


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