Search Me O God!

Christopher C. Chapman

“Guard your heart above all else, for it is the source of life.” (Proverbs 4:23)

An old Methodist Catechism has this question and answer in one section:

“Q: Can we turn our own heart to believe the gospel, and love it?

A: No, we must pray for grace to turn our heart.”

I am convinced by observing my own heart that this truth doesn’t only apply to turning our hearts to believe and love the gospel, but turning our hearts to do any good at all. Jesus said that apart from him we can do nothing. What he meant was that we could do nothing truly good or of eternal value apart from him. We all do many things apart from Christ, and those things are of no value in the kingdom of God. Sadly, these Christ-less acts hinder the advancement of God’s kingdom.

This command to “guard our hearts”…

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One thought on “Search Me O God!

  1. Yes, Kayley, it is so important to consider the heart. Your mom and I will discuss this subject on the “Through the Veil” radio show this Sunday. Thanks for reminding me that I can do nothing for the Kingdom unless it is inspired by Jesus.

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