I am from…

I am from the flat lands and grassy fields. I am from the sound of loud and proud opinions, yelling at each other in their own version of love. I am from the laughter that makes your sides hurt and you go to bed wishing you weren’t tired. I am from the younger voice that says “I just farted!” and the family that laughs in response. I am from the shopping mall that is an endless oval of nothing on two floors that I never tire of walking. I am from Americanized Mexican joints and copious amounts of burgers and fries. I am from a family that loves me and asked me “where do you wish to go?” I am from the mumblers and inventors, from the family that never thought I’d want to be a writer. I am from the people who told me I can do whatever I want to do and that God knows the desires of my heart. I am from opportunists and dreamers who are also lazy bums who like trashy reality TV. I am from the father who wished Jesus would come back early so he didn’t have to watch his little girl go off to college. I am from the mother who gladly takes my daily phone calls, even when I forget the time difference and it’s midnight. I am from the sister who got mad at me because I got mad at her because she got mad at me because I got mad at her and we can’t even remember why, but then she texted me about all the drama in high school. I am from the younger brother who promised not to watch Bob’s Burgers until I get home so we could watch it together. I am from the youngest sister who always asks the same question, “So how’s college?” I am from the grandparents who never fail to comment on my blog posts, encouraging me and reminding me how much they love me. I am from the best friends who text me when I need to hear from them the most, reminding me that I am not forgotten. I am from the second family that spent twenty minutes figuring out my spirit animal and concluded that I was a panther/meerkat/female elephant, not a male one, thank God. I am from the high school where I met the coolest people I’m convinced I’ll ever meet. I am from the reassurances that God loves me more than I can imagine, and the family and friends that represent that love everyday. I am from Kansas City, Kansas, and I can’t wait to come home for a little bit.

I miss you, KC.


One thought on “I am from…

  1. I got such goosebumps (glory bumps to be correct) reading this family/friend blog! You just have an anointed way to communicate truths. So enjoyed your style and content! KC people are all waiting for you!
    Love you!

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