I Go Back to The Beginning // A Poem

I saw that first burst of light,

blinding my cold, dark soul.

He’d spoken the Word, and the first psalm

filled the void, shattering the murky corners

of earth. I lost my balance and plunged

into a soft, bouncy meadow. Bumpy, coarse

pillars of deep brown and leafy green shot

from the ground, their branches reaching

into a brilliant sky.

I wanted to run,

I wanted to reach a state of breathlessness,

drinking in the beauty until my belly bulged

and I could take no more. But more came.

A salty scent filled my nostrils and I turned

to see a great waving mass of blue and green,

filled with life. With no breath left in my soul, 

yet my heart curiously calm, I whirled to the One

with the magnificent paint brush and the strange mind.

I wanted to ask Him why He’d done it.

Why this display of power and beauty?

But I couldn’t speak.


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