The Time Grandma Winnie…Ruined Christmas

So, my grandparents on my dad’s side have been living with us for awhile now and my Grandma Winnie has proven to be a constant source of entertainment. I have decided to start a miniseries called “The Time Grandma Winnie…” on my blog that recounts the many, many times she makes us laugh. Love you Grandma, keep doing you. 

–this is a true story that happened a couple of years ago–


It felt good to finally sit down after a long day of decorating the house. I was curled up on the couch in the hearth room nursing a cup of hot chocolate as my brother and sisters argued in the kitchen about how much eggnog each of them should drink.

“No, Kalena, don’t take it all!” Ethan squealed, lunging for the carton. “Mom, she’s taking it all!”

“No, I’m not!” Kalena retorted, keeping a strong grip on the carton and scrunching her face in defiance.

They struggled for the carton until Kalena finally screamed.

“Hey!” Mom shouted over the noise. “Knock it off! I’ll just pour the eggnog.”

When Mom left the couch to break up the fighting kids, I noticed Karyssa being strangely quiet in the corner of the kitchen. In her hand was another carton of eggnog, and she was discreetely pouring a lot of it into a red solo cup. She put a finger to her lips when she realized I’d caught her.

“Oh my gosh,” I sighed and shook my head at my family. They could always make me laugh.

I had to give the kids credit, though. They hadn’t fought too much throughout the day, which is pretty spectacular, since they usually can’t go a single minute without instigating some form of yelling and hitting. But today they did a pretty good job of keeping their hands to themselves. Well, except for the time Ethan smacked Kalena in the head and Kalena retaliated by chasing after him with a box full of glass ornaments. Oh, and Karyssa started a small war by throwing handmade ornaments we’d constructed as children over the couch at unsuspecting siblings, myself included. All in all, only one of them got grounded and it proved a very productive day, considering that we’d finally finished the tree.

Yes, today was good. Things in the house had been a little tense with my grandparents over every couple of days and the rest of us trying to get the house clean and ready for Christmas. But today was nice; Grandpa was sitting quietly on the couch watching a college basketball game and slowly stroking Neli, our dog, who was curled up in his lap. Grandma had wandered into the living room to admire the work we’d finished. Things were quiet for a moment, and I was slowly realizing how tired I was.

I went to take another sip of hot chocolate when CRASH! I looked up at Mom whose eyebrows had shot up in confusion. Then came the grunting and the clatter of glass, and I sprang up from my warm seat to go see what had happened.

Ethan made it into the living room before everyone else and started laughing hysterically.

“Grandma, what did you do?” he asked between giggles.

We all rounded the corner to see Grandma in the Christmas tree, struggling to right herself. Glass ornaments and broken pieces from the Christmas lights littered the floor, along with four or five tree branches. Ethan began to help her up, trying to contain himself.

“I fell asleep!” she yelled at us, trying to explain herself over our laughter, and Ethan almost dropped her. When he finally freed her from the tree and helped her to the couch next to it, she started to explain herself more fully. She said that she had been sitting on the armrest of the couch, trying to examine one of the ornaments I had made as a little girl.

Apparently it wasn’t that exciting, because she fell asleep in the middle of her examination and fell head first off the couch and into the Christmas tree.

As she told her strange story, we all couldn’t help but burst into laughter at this crazy woman. Sure, it was disappointing to find a hole in our Christmas tree that we’d worked so hard to put up and decorate, but the mental picture of Grandma falling asleep and crashing into the tree was funny enough to make us forgive her.

When we’d cleaned up the glass and tree limbs and finally moved Grandma into the hearth room where she could safely fall asleep, we were able to calm down a little bit and just enjoy each other’s company. We laughed and watched cartoons and drank hot chocolate until Dad got home. Kalena ran straight for him when he walked through the door and began breathlessly telling him how Grandma fell into the Christmas tree. When she’d finally finished and we were all laughing again, Dad turned to Grandma and said, “I guess you just ruined Christmas, Mom!”


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