“Belief begins in the imagination, you know. The day a faith loses imagination is the day it dies.” – Saint by Ted Dekker

Hi, how are you? Good, me too. Let’s get coffee sometime and talk about God.

I’m Kayley, but I prefer to be called Master Commander, though I guess we can still be friends if you forget. I’m twenty, attending college in Oklahoma, and majoring in Writing and minoring in Apologetics. Author in the making, basically. My blog is about me walking, sometimes crawling, through life. I love, LOVE character development so let’s say this is a big experiment, featuring Kayley as the guinea pig. I love watching people grow and change over time and understanding their development in response to life around them. Think of how much Bilbo changed from the beginning of the Hobbit to the end. That’s what I love to see: change over time. Recognizing my own development, however, is harder. To summarize, this blog is about personal growth. Grow with me?

Clarification: I’ve named my blog My Best Friend Joe because I couldn’t do anything with out Joe, or as most people know him: COFFEE. He keeps me sane most of the time and if I ever don’t make sense, it means we haven’t had our daily meeting. He’s kind of like my therapist or personal brand of brain food. As you read about my random adventures, remember that Joe wrote half of them!

Anyway, like I said, let’s get coffee sometime. You know all about me, now who the crap are you? And what’s your brew?

Stay rad,

Master Commander/Kayley

PS: Follow me on Twitter (@mybestfriendjo), Instagram (Kayley Forshey or @mybestfriendjoe), and Pinterest (@mybestfriendjoe) for post updates!


One thought on “about

  1. nina, here! live in KCKS, know Kayley from church, I married with 2 cats & a dog, creative writing is in my family. Don’t do coffee, but tea or water will do.


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